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From the market studies, we have developed “Drilling Cum Tapping Machine”. With the help of this Drilling Cum Tapping Machine you can do drilling and threading process simultaneously. We are providing automatic electric type tapping attachment with our machine. This attachment includes foot mounted switch so that you can do reverse forward action without the help of your hand. This attachment will come along with all type of Pillar drilling machines having range from 25 mm to 40 mm.

Technical Specifications
Drilling Capacity in Cast 25 mm
Drilling Capacity in Stell 23 mm
Tapping Capacity in Stell 20 mm
Tapping Capacity in Cast 24 mm
Column to Centre to Spindle 215 mm
Spindle Nose to table Distance 635 mm
Spindle Nose to Bus Plate 1000 mm
Spindle Travel 150 mm
Speed Rang 1440 R.P.M 1-H.P.3 Phase
Taper in Spindle MT-3
Pillar Diameter 90 mm
Pillar Length 1380 mm
V-Belt B-46
Weight Approx. 225 Kg.
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