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Auto Mobile Reconditioning Machinery – Honing Machines

Vertical Cylinder Honing Machine


HPSM’ Vertical Honing Machine is fabricated structure using high quality steel, adequately designed to give minimum deflection under full load. The Machine consists of reciprocating Honing Head, Spindle is run through Hydraulic Motor, and Reciprocation is through hydraulic, hydraulic tool expansion system. The incorporation of most modern user friendly PLC systems makes machine operations simple. Job holding fixtures are provided suitable to component. These all-automatic machines enable the user to run continuous production and at the same time achieve a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.


  1. This machines is hydraulicaly operated with variable spindle speeds and feeds, and also you can hone the bore with any hacth angle
  2. Digital Display is the friendly feature for the quick identification of the honning speeds
Minimum honing diameter62 mm(2.5″)62 mm(2.5″)62 mm (2.5”)
Maximum honing diameter200 mm(8″)200 mm(8″)140 mm(5.5”)
Honing diameter with extra honing head250 mm(10″)250 mm(10″) (1.5” – 8”)38 mm-200 mm
Minimum honing stroke50 mm(1.96″)50 mm(1.96″)50 mm (1.96”)
Maximum honing stroke450 mm(17.7″)450 mm(17.7″)350 mm (13.7”)
Stroke speed (infinitely variable)1-12 m/min1-12m/min1-12 m/min
Spindle speed variable25-200 rpm-3 hp drive25-200rpm-3hp drive25-200 rpm
Motor spindle drive1.5 kw/2 hp1.5kw/2hp1.5 kw/2hp
Max. Block length1400 mm(55.1″)1100mm(55.1″)1100 mm
Max. Block width550 mm(21.7″)550mm(21.7″)550 mm
Max. Block height600 mm(23.6″)600mm(23.6″)450 mm
Motor power pack0.75 kw/1 hp0.75kw/1hp0.75 kw/1hp
Electric coolant pump motor0.09 kw/0.12 hp0.09 kw/0.12 hp0.09 k/ 0.12 hp
Honing head traverse1300 mm1000 mm1000 mm (39.3”)
Length of the machine1920 mm1620 mm1620 mm ( 63.7”)
Width of the machine1300 mm1300 mm1300 mm (51.2”)
Height of the machine1850 mm1850 mm1750 mm (74”)
Work space required (L x W x H)2000 x 1400 x 2070 mm (78.7″ x 55″ x 81.5″)1700 x 1400 x 2070 mm (67 x 55” x 77.5”)1700 x 1400 x 1970 mm (67 x 55” x 77.5”)
Net weight (approx.)900 kgs750 kgs720 kg
Gross weight (approx.)1600 kgs1250 kgs1200 kg
Shipping volume8 m36 m36 m3
Packing case outer size (L x W x H)2200 x 1500 x 2145 mm (86.6″ x 65″ x 84.4″)1900 x 1500 x 2145 mm (74.8” x 59” x 84.4”)1900 x 1500 1950 mm (74.8” x 59” x 85”)
Setting up parallel 100mmheight x 500 mm long01 Pair01 Pair01 Pair
Setting up parallel 100mmheight x 650 mm long01 Pair  
Honing head 62 mm to 140 mm with stone01 No01 No01 No
Honing head 115mm to 215mm with stone01 No01 No 
Double end spanner 22/2401 No01 No01 No
Handle type allen key 4mm01 No01 No01 No
Allen key set (9nos)01 Set01 No01 No
T-bolt with nut & washer04 Nos04 Nos04 Nos
Setting up parallel tightening bolt nut and washer06 Nos02 Nos02 Nos
Block tightening clamp04 Nos04 Nos04 Nos
Foundation bolt washer & nut04 Nos04 Nos04 Nos
Extension holder (medium)01 No01 No01 No
Carrier holder (medium and big)01 No01 No01 No
Honning buff2 Sets2 Sets2 Sets
Operation manual01 No01 No01 No

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