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We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic Honing Machine that are duly checked prior to their dispatch to the market. hydraulic Honing Machines are functional even in tough conditions and exhibit increased uptime, durability and resistance from rust. We also offer auto-stroking facilities as per the requirements of our clients.

Technical Specifications
Max. honing capacity  diameter 200mm
Max. honing stoke 450mm
Min. honing stroke 50mm
Max. distance table to spindle nose 1000mm
Dist. From spindle center to column 380mm
Surface of table 1400x450mm
Table traverse 1700mm
Spindle speeds(Infinitely variable) 0.300 r. p .m.
Reciprocating speeds(infinitely variable) 0.16m/minute
Motor for spindle stroke 1.5 kw1400 r. p. m
Motor for Hydraulic motor 0.75kw 1400 r. p. m.
Coolant pump motor 0.15kw 1400 r. p .m.
Length of Machine 2000mm
Width of machine 1500mm
Height of machine 2050mm
Nett weight approx. 1500 kg approx
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